Self-service: 84" 4K Resolution Kiosk

Our 84" 4K kiosks showcase your products in a feature-rich environment. The large format screens are available in various sizes and allow shoppers to browse at their own pace to view your full range of products in high definition. With 360 spin functionality, products are brought to life and can be viewed from any angle on the free-standing, fully interactive 84" 4K kiosks.

Quick and easy to use, the shopper can scroll through the products, add to their cloud basket and then transfer their selected items from the kiosk to their own mobile device or to the in-store till point for payment.

When inactive, the kiosk screen converts to digital signage providing additional merchandising opportunities in-store.

HD Kiosks
HD Kiosk Solution 1
HD Kiosk Solution 2
HD Kiosk Solution 3

Self-service: Slimline Mirror Kiosk

As a key component of the store design, slimline mirror kiosks offer a perfect solution to make the most effective use of the shop floor. With just a touch of the screen, shoppers can switch between a mirror and a kiosk interface - where they can shop the full range of products and find out detailed information about any product.

Through the kiosk interface, shoppers can also request additional sizes and colours to try on - without having to leave the fitting room. Selected items can then be added to the customer’s cloud basket and transferred to the till point in-store, or to the shopper’s own mobile device for a range of payment and delivery options.

During inactive periods, the mirror converts to digital signage, which can be locally managed by Head Office through MESH Control.

Mirrored Kiosks
Mirrored Kiosk Solution 1
Mirrored Kiosk Solution 2
Mirrored Kiosk Solution 3

Self-service: SD & HD Resolution Kiosk

Bring your full eCommerce range in-store with our intuitive, multi-touch and entirely self-service SD & HD kiosks. This connected technology allows customers to browse and shop your entire product range whilst still in store, giving them access to extended ranges and detailed product information, providing you with the opportunity to maximise sales.

Our SD & HD resolution kiosks have a small footprint and can be customised to fit any space on the shop floor or integrated into a display. They are ergonomically designed for ease of use and can be fitted with a PCI compliant payment device to make them fully transactional, allowing shoppers to pay for their items there and then - reducing queues at traditional till points.

Self-service Kiosks
Kiosk Solution 1
Kiosk Solution 2
Kiosk Solution 3

Self-service: Customisation Kiosk

Customers are looking for a truly personalised experience when shopping, and stores are perfectly placed to use technology to personalise both products and experiences.

Our Customisation Kiosks are designed to enable shoppers to personalise and purchase products. When purchasing sports shirts for example, shoppers can be given the option to choose their preferred sport, team and size of shirt before adding the name and number onto the garment.

Once confirmed, the shirt is automatically sent to the Customisation Checkout where the customer pays for and collects their personalised product.

Personalisation Kiosks
Personalisation Kiosk Solution 1
Personalisation Kiosk Solution 2
Personalisation Kiosk Solution 3

Self-service: Touchscreen Window Kiosk

Our range of touchscreen window kiosks allow retailers to connect with shoppers 24/7, encouraging round the clock shopping, even when your store is closed.

Using the interactive touchscreen window display, customers can browse your entire range of products, adding items to a basket which can be transferred to either your app or mobile site on their own device. The customer can then pay for their items when and where they want choosing their preferred payment method and delivery option.

Touchscreen Window Kiosks

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