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With customer engagement a key factor for increasing store sales, in-store entertainment must be a driving force for retailers when considering the overall in-store shopping experience. Interactive digital signage enables retailers to transform traditional shops into digitally connected retail stores, encouraging customer engagement and interaction with their brand.

Our interactive digital signage solutions range from high impact digital displays to digital signage suites and kiosks, all of which are custom-built with an array of screen sizes and configurations to suit each individual store format.

Interactive Digital Signage

Content Management Controlled by You

Our interactive digital signage suite helps retailers keep pace with the ever changing demands of in-store retail experiences. MESH Control is cloud-based and revolutionising the way retailers launch, manage and customise in-store campaigns for shoppers across their store-wide estates.

Digital signage offers passive, interactive and live social media display capabilities to help enliven and digitise bricks-and-mortar retail stores. It provides a centralised solution for retailers looking to create “connected” stores and promote a seamless customer experience.

Our digital signage solutions can be customised in line with your brand guidelines to ensure you create dynamic and engaging on-brand campaigns to attract and hold shoppers’ attention whilst in-store.

Manage & Launch Multiple Campaigns

Through MESH Control, your head office teams can refresh the retail environment in each of your stores every single day. With the ability to update digital banners, messages and displays, your marketing team can react quickly to industry trends and competitor campaigns, and even set up scheduled campaigns to run around the clock on digital window displays.

Campaigns can be tailor made to target individual stores, specific areas of a store, or in line with seasonal and marketing initiatives. They can be planned and scheduled with local, national or international capabilities, such as multi-lingual and multi-currency options for international retail stores.

Manage & Launch Multiple Campaigns

Digital Signage: Super Media Wall

Our super media wall is designed to enhance the retail experience and drive customer communication and interaction.

It can be used for maximum impact to showcase specific products, with 360 spin functionality, videos and rich product content. A touchscreen kiosk interface can be built into the display for customers to shop your full eCommerce range, get more detailed product information and even buy items.

Shoppers can also be encouraged to post and share pre-approved tweets, photos and messages about products, or their experience in-store, on screens using specific brand-related hashtags.

Digital Signage: Feature Wall

For the ultimate high impact customer experience, feature walls provide a top level of customer engagement and in-store entertainment. With dynamic visual and audio content, feature walls can attract shoppers' attention as soon as they walk into your store.

Our feature walls are available in various sizes and can be displayed landscape, portrait or as a mosaic pattern displaying high impact digital media in any format. They can be configured to display videos across all of the screens or adapted to show different content on each.

Feature walls can also be used as part of your store window display to generate interest and draw customers into your store, with exciting content about products or as a means of telling your brand’s story.

Video Walls

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