Assisted sale iPads

Creating a digital retail experience with a technology-rich blend of engagement, interactivity and easy shopping, ensures your customers' desires for a reliable, fast and easy experience are achieved. By bringing your full eCommerce offering in-store to sell your full product range, and even out-of-stock items, will truly revolutionise the store experience for your customers.

Assisted Selling iPads

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Our clients have seen an increase in conversion when using the assisted sale iPad solution in-store

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Shop your full product range in-store

Having what customers want, when they want it, is the mantra of every successful retailer. And now, with the capability to 'shop everything in-store' on an assisted sale iPad, retailers can ensure that a customer never leaves their store unsatisfied because they don’t have the desired item in a certain size or colour.

By introducing endless aisle technology to capture lost sales opportunities - selling eCommerce stock when physical items aren't available in-store, retailers ensure they 'never miss a sale'. iPads carried around by store associates enable staff to quickly and easily sell products via the user friendly native in-store app.

Take Payments Anywhere In-store

Empower your store associates

Assisted selling connects the store associate with the customer and has emerged as a cornerstone of improving the customer experience. By combining real time stock information, with a new skillset and incentive model, retailers can empower store associates to transform the customer experience and re-energise the in-store model.

By giving store associates access to the right technology, they are able to help shoppers learn about products, as well as provide guidance and up-sell opportunities along the buying journey. Training and educating staff on how to use this technology in the correct way will give them the confidence to approach and advise every single customer who walks in the store.

Take Payments Anywhere In-store

Why assisted sale iPads are so important

Assisted sale iPads join up the digital and in-store channels to provide a seamless shopping journey for the customer, with the mobile devices providing the following benefits:

  • Capability to search and browse the full eCommerce range in-store
  • Queue busting technology
  • Enable your shoppers to checkout anywhere in-store on mPOS devices
  • Access a shopper’s online basket and continue their shopping journey in-store
  • Apply online and store discounts
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"One iota have developed and implemented a fantastic in-store iPad solution which fully integrates with our existing business systems."

eCommerce and Marketing Director, Superdry

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