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It’s no secret that retail has changed for good.

Technology has transformed the way we all buy the products we need and desire. Now that customers can browse the entire world from their digital devices, retailers need to deliver the choice, experience and service that shoppers are looking for.

At One iota, we understand that this can seem like a challenge. But we also know it’s an incredible opportunity.

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There is no longer just one kind of shopper experience. Today’s customers want the choice that they get online, but with the personal service only possible in-store. They want to browse via a screen, but try things on in a shop. They want to order online, but collect in person.

Online and offline. They want it all. And now, thanks to One iota, they can have it.


One iota breaks down the barriers between online and in-store shopping by helping retailers create a seamless omnichannel experience across every device. Our technological solutions bring all the choice and flexibility of online shopping into the store, with bespoke apps, interactive displays, digital signage and more.

This is not just a clicks-and-mortar solution. This is nothing less than digital transformation.


By connecting every channel to give customers the choice and flexibility they demand, One iota unlocks the true potential of the online and offline worlds to satisfy shoppers and drive sales in powerful new ways.

With the One iota MESH system, customers have the entire product range to choose from – a range they can explore via mobile phone, tablet, kiosk or touchscreen. And with store staff carrying iPads, customers can be guided through the retail process – from browsing products, to checking stock, to final payment and purchase.

And then there’s the thrill and excitement of the retail environment. Big screens, mirror kiosks, video walls – One iota delivers digital transformation with fully integrated digital theatre that draws customers in and keeps them hooked.

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– New opportunities to engage customers at their most receptive, wherever they happen to be

– A fully integrated and scalable system tailored to retailers’ needs

– From customer-facing apps to merchandising tools and warehousing systems, it’s all ready to go to work

– Build brand loyalty across every channel

– Make the most of location-based marketing

– See real results: more customer satisfaction, greater in-store engagement – and up to 10% more store sales.


Now in its fourth year, the One iota Hackathon brings together the entire company from our Manchester, Lancashire and Pembrokeshire offices for two days of intense dev work, as they create new ideas or improve existing solutions, to enhance the shopping experience for our clients’ customers.

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