one iota developers


(with a frontend focus)

Location: This role is available in our Manchester office.

Candidates must be eligible to work in the UK.
Level: Mid or Senior
Salary: Competitive + Benefits

Reporting to: Head of Apps & Technology



We’re looking for enthusiastic developers who have a passion for solving complex new problems on a daily basis. We architect solutions using the technology that makes most sense, so we’re always trying out new technologies and tools to make sure we’re using the best one for the task at hand.


The skill set within the team is varied, which means that everyone is constantly learning from each other, and approaching problems with a different set of experiences behind them. We don’t expect everyone joining to already have experience in everything we do, as we believe that good developer skills are transferable.

We're looking for someone who is experienced in PHP7, test-driven development and OOP principles. Ideally we want to see some experience with Javascript frameworks and AWS or Google Cloud knowledge is a bonus. We want someone who is passionate to spot areas of improvement and drive change within the team.


We’re a team of truly full stack developers, planning out the infrastructure, backend and frontend. You will get to see projects through from concept to delivery to production, and carry out ongoing development adding new features and improvements.


We have also recently built some of our projects using the following tech:

  • Serverless microservices written in Node.js - using AWS API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB & CloudFront so we can handle sudden spikes of super-high load

  • React - using an offline-first approach to increase speed and Redux to maintain state throughout the app


We deploy all of our apps/services on AWS infrastructure and are always looking to use relevant new services as they become available. Our code is built and tested on continuous integration servers before being deployed to our testing and production environments.




At One iota we build the full eCommerce experience, a key part of the company is our MESH platform which all our frontend frameworks plug into via a clean RESTful API interface. We build interactive in-store experiences using technology including huge 4K touch-screens, cameras and we’re always trying out new things. We also make use of the internet of things (IoT) including NFC, RFID, proximity sensors and bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons connecting in-store tech and customer’s devices. We also build websites, iOS apps and Android apps so we can connect the ‘omni-channel’ customer journey, and a set of dashboard & management tools, which our clients use to manage these experiences. Our clients are leading high-street retailers and brands both in the UK and internationally who we form close connections with to develop their in-store & online eCommerce presence.



Apple Pay & Android Pay

We helped some of our clients to become official launch partners, and some of the first retailers in the UK to accept Apple Pay & Android Pay when they launched for both iOS & Android apps, and then again when they launched web payments.


High Profile Product Launch Platform

Retailers who host exclusive product launches face the issue of millions of customers hitting their platform from all around the world at the same time and trying to buy a small number of stock, which can cause big issues with stock management and site performance. We tackled this by building a new platform which can handle huge spikes in users by using serverless architecture, without the traditional scaling & costs associated - API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB and CloudFront. Load testing this proved to be a task in itself to ensure we could send enough fake users to the app & platform to simulate a real product launch.


Product Discovery Displays

We have built a number of in-store interactive displays where customers are encouraged to interact with products to be shown more information and videos about them on nearby screens in the store. We use RFID tagged products and readers which can detect a product being placed in a target area, or a product being picked up from a plinth.




  • Team lunch on us every Friday

  • Free parking

  • Close to tram & bus links

  • Work in a building full of creative digital talent

  • Friendly office environment

  • No city centre traffic

  • Regular social events

  • Bike to work scheme

  • Highly skilled and passionate team

  • Pension & healthcare schemes

  • 2 day hackathon every year



Get in touch if these sounds like the type of projects you want to be working on or if you want to ask us any questions.