Are you looking for experience in the creative digital sector?

One iota is a business that specialises in creating digital experience platforms for retailers, and creating seamless multi-channel shopping journeys for their customers on websites. We make in-store touch screen kiosks, in-store ipads, digital signage, mobile apps, websites and more.

Knowing what works and keeping up to date with the latest technology is key to our work and we take every opportunity to be creative and stay relevant. As part of this effort we hold a Hackathon every year where as a company we try and come up with new product prototypes or new features for our existing solutions.

We are excited to open up our Hackathon for the first time to students and young people around Manchester who are ambitious and engaged with new technologies.

You will be put into a small team where you will come up with an idea for a project and spend the two days creating a prototype and presenting the project. Food and drinks will be provided during the two days and the winners will be announced at the end of the final day.

This years Hackathon theme is “Evolving retail” and it will be held on the 6th and 7th of September at The Sharp Project in Manchester. We want to see how you would evolve the retail experience using technology whether online, in-store or on customer’s devices. Some examples of projects we’ve had in previous years include:

  • Generating heatmaps of where customers spend most time in-store using wifi

  • Fitting room mobile app to get real-time feedback from friends on your outfit

  • Facebook chatbot which allows customers to purchase products

The best ideas don’t have to be the most technologically advanced, we’re looking for creative solutions to problems in the retail industry. You don’t necessarily need to know how to code, prototypes can be made however your team sees fit, as long as they provide a proof-of-concept for your idea.

It will be invaluable experience for those looking to start careers in the digital sector and those who want a chance to challenge themselves in a creative and real world environment. If you are interested in taking part or want to find out more information please fill in the form linked below. You can apply on your own or with a friend. Spaces are very limited so we sadly can’t guarantee you a place but we’ll try our best.

Date: Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September (you should attend both days 9.00am - 5.30pm)
Location: The Sharp Project, Manchester - Directions
What to bring: Laptop and charger
Cost: Free (just pay for your transport)