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Refurbishing Your Stores? No store shouldn’t mean no sales.


Lots of retailers carry out store refurbishment programmes, the objective being to create fresh, exciting spaces to engage their customers and to maximise sales opportunities.

However even though you are closed shoppers continue to shop but closed doors obviously means no footfall and no sales Worse still is that even temporary closures can lead your customers to potentially visit your competitors, if they do and like what they see, it risks adversely impacting the potential lifetime value from those customers.

Customer Engagement

In an interesting twist some retailers have been extending the use of assisted sale iPads beyond the shop floor and fitting room. Some retailers are experimenting by equipping staff members with assisted sale iPads outside the store that is being refurbished. This to help customers find product , track orders etc and some of the retailers are also using the iPads screens to showcase the new interior of the store, helping to improve the customer experience and create a strong brand affiliation. Now that is what we call creative thinking and really making great use of our assisted selling iPads.

The core engagement outside of the store being refurbished is the same interaction that takes place in the stores, when for example customers cannot find the products that they are looking for in their size or colour. With assisted selling iPads, a staff member can engage with a customer helping them with their shopping journey. It’s also the perfect time to showcase featured items, new arrivals and sale items.

One of the iPads powerful features includes linking online inventory to in-store inventory and provide an endless aisle. The customer will be able to choose from various products, make a payment, using the online payments provided and even chose a delivery method

No more losing the customers who are coming to purchase in store. If the customer is not ready to purchase on the spot, orders can be viewed, added to basket and saved for later. Customers can login to their account at a later time, make an adjustment in the basket and finalise a purchase.

Delivering exceptional Service, optimising Sales

Assisted Selling iPads are proven to deliver 5–10% increase in store sales. Now retailers are looking to see how they can further enable store team members through these devices to help you to build deep long lasting and mutually profitable relationships with your customers.