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Speed up customer’s check out process at your digital airport store

Sell More and Improve Customer experience

Retail spaces come in a range of shapes and sizes including Flagship stores, Station Stores, Motorway Service Station stores and Airport Stores. Each has its own unique audience profile and each requiring its own carefully designed set of services to enhance the customer experience.

In the constant drive to deliver customer convenience, airport stores have an extra step in the path to purchase to contend with, this involving the scanning of boarding passes, an inconvenience for many customers.

As well as providing an endless aisle solution to drive sales One iota’s Assisted Sale iPad solution taps into and utilises the camera feature on the device allowing boarding passes to be quickly and easily scanned. The result being a better experience for the customer, more sales and a wealth of data for the retailer to better understand their customers and improve both the range and sales densities for Airport Stores over time.

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