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We'll be ‘Personalising the Ordinary’ at this year’s Hackathon!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Taking place on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June, our annual Hackathon this year will be themed around Personalisation.

Personalisation is a major trend amongst retailers and brands. Today, shoppers want, and expect, a much more personalised experience at every touchpoint of their shopping journey. And whilst it has become easier to personalise these touchpoints, with the relevant intelligent data available, AI and UGC, there is still a long way to go both online and offline to create a truly personalised shopping experience.

According to recent research, 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when irrelevant content, such as offers, ads and promotions, is shown to them, meaning they may leave the site before even getting to the next stage of the buying process.

On the flipside of this, research has also shown that retailers and brands that are personalising their web experiences are seeing, on average a 19% uplift in sales. And with online sales conversions as high as this, it is crucial that Personalisation, across all sales channels, is at the forefront of retail strategies.

Martin Korner, our Head of Technology, explains more about the reason behind the theme “We’ve seen an explosion in all kinds of personalisation over the past couple of years due to a combination of things; consumers demanding a more tailored experience and AI and machine learning becoming more accessible to retailers. The days of a ‘one size fits all’ approach are fading fast and consumers now expect a shopping journey tailored to their own taste, device, buying habits, location and purchase history.

“With Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services both offering a wide range of machine learning based services, it is now easier, quicker and cheaper to use the pool of data available to make apps more intelligent. These cloud services include visual search, recommendations, video & image analysis, as well as managed services for running custom deep learning algorithms for more specific purposes, reducing the barriers to entry for personalisation using AI & ML.”

During the two day event, teams will be given free reign to look at all angles of personalisation in the retail environment. And with no restrictions, they’ll have the opportunity to try out and work with the very latest technologies to design and build a number of innovative prototypes. The objectives being for the team to learn some new technologies which they may not use day-to-day and to build some exciting new concepts to integrate into future client projects.

Watch this short video of last year’s Hackathon to find out what the teams got up to and keep up to date on this year’s event by following @itsoneiota on Instagram and Twitter.