August 4, 2021

One iota and HUGO BOSS celebrate 4 year partnership

How time flies! We’ve had the pleasure of working in partnership with HUGO BOSS as their digital commerce experts since 2017. It’s been amazing seeing our collaborative ideas come to fruition in their flagship stores across the globe. An incredibly forward-looking brand, HUGO BOSS tasked us with creating compelling brand experiences and customer journeys, using state-of-the-art technology, that we continue to hone and implement across its stores today.

When we joined them, HUGO BOSS had introduced two new store concepts, each dedicated to fit the respective DNA of its two brands: BOSS and HUGO. We helped them to optimise the digital aspects of their business in order to take their customers’ shopping experience to the next level. A key part of their new store concepts was the integration of digital technology and “community spaces”,  designed to increase dwell times in store and adding relaxing, experiential, multi-channel elements to their bricks-and-mortar spaces. Within their stores they now feature inviting aspects such lounge areas with complimentary refreshments, enhanced by One iota technology.

How we added value through technology

HUGO BOSS store interior

Ever the innovators, HUGO BOSS recognised that cutting edge designer clothes and stylish stores are only part of the story when it comes to engaging the 21st century fashion consumer. They know that to be successful, brands must engage on a personal level. Customers expect to only see content or products that are relevant to them, whether online, on social media or in store. HUGO BOSS want their consumers to have flexibility and choice, wherever they are in their purchasing journey: when they’re online, provide the personal touch of an in-store experience; or when browsing on a screen, lead them to try the clothes on in a shop; or when ordering online, allow them to collect in person. As a key technology partner, One iota worked, and continues to work, alongside the HUGO BOSS’s Retail and IT competence centre teams to help them enhance the customer experience.

Shoppable mirrors

One of the most exciting digital elements that we have developed are the interactive kiosks that feature in BOSS stores. At first glance, they are mirrors, but they are in fact kiosks, which showcase current campaign videos and fashion shows and provide the customers with inspiration to build their looks. When touched, the “mirrors” display an interactive screen, through which the customer can access HUGO BOSS’s complete inventory, both in-store and online. This allows shoppers to move frictionlessly between the real and digital worlds: while in store they benefit from the help of assistants, and can try the clothing and accessories, but then, click the kiosk screen to find different colours, washes and sizing options.

Connecting with their customers

HUGO BOSS community wall, which aggregates user-generated content from social media platforms, developed by One iota Manchester

Customer experience and engagement is a key strategy, so at the heart of every store, HUGO stores feature a “community wall” which aggregates user-generated content from the HUGO social media platforms. Designed to attract  and inspire social-savvy fashionistas, the walls stream live Instagram updates, fashion shows and newly dropped collections. Customers can photograph themselves in looks from the HUGO store and share them with their own friends and followers.

Interactive tables

HUGO BOSS interactive touchscreen table developed by One iota

One iota have designed digital tables integrated with touchscreens which enable a new form of customer interaction. Shoppers can browse the HUGO BOSS collections at leisure, order and pay for items and choose either to collect from a store or have them delivered to their home. The tables allow the sales assistant to build a profile of the customer and offer the perfect product, even if it is not available immediately in store.

The future

We are excited to be part of the ongoing digital revolution of HUGO BOSS - and it’s a pleasure to be part of their journey from a vertically integrated retailer to a data and experience-driven fashion brand, reflecting the multiple paths to purchase of today’s customer. Customers are now able to move effortlessly between the HUGO BOSS digital and physical shopping experiences - we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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