July 27, 2023

Regatta push endless aisle into stores across UK & Ireland

The team at Regatta Ltd focus relentlessly on improving their customer's experience and digital transformation is a core element of their CX strategy. The team at Regatta wanted to ensure that customer’s could find and buy items even if not in stock in the store due to ranging, size fragmentation or due to being available as an online only item.

 One iota's cloud based endless aisle app has been activated in selected Regatta stores in the UK and will be activated in their stores in Ireland in the near future also. This solution will allow store team to carry a device on their hip which will allow them to support the customer with a browsing and buying experience when in-store.

For many years One iota’s endless aisle app ran on iPad Mini’s but following feedback from customers our next generation solution has been developed to run on smaller form factor devices. The cloud based app being pushed to Adyen’s S1E (Android) device in this project, this one part of a suite of solutions provided by long term partner and global omnichannel payments solutions specialist Adyen.  As an Android based device it will also allow retailers to build and deploy other store based utility apps to drive customer engagement and operational efficiencies if required.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with the team at Regatta to try and help them achieve the 5-10% uplift in store sales that the other customers of One iota’s endless aisle solution have seen over the years.

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